Seedlings to Sunflowers Non Profit Childcare and Family Center

We are a Non-Profit Childcare and Family Center. Our mission is to encourage each child in all areas of development. We believe that every child presented with the opportunity to belong, develop independence, to cultivate generosity and to master skills will develop a healthy sense of self, which will enhance their ability to succeed academically and socially.

This is a brand new 5300 sq ft center being built at 11 South Gorham Crossing in Gorham, ME. We are scheduled to open June 18, 2018. The co-founders and acting Directors have a commitment to taking care of staff not just by providing a livable wage, but by creating an atmosphere of support and respect. We believe that teachers are an essential part of a child's development and as such we are committed to honoring them by providing a working environment that reflects the value they have in our communities.

Our center will provide an Experiential Learn Model (ELM) to include an 18x24 Greenhouse and a culinary program for the children. Staff will be encouraged to utilize fresh produce from our Farm Share, to share in meals provided by the school and to bring unique skills that they may have to the culture of the center. We hope to not only encourage professional development goals, but also aim to provide opportunities for training and to support staff in following their desired career path.

As a non-profit center the revenue generated by tuition and grants will go directly back into staff wages, program development, community outreach and building maintenance. As we start up, staff will receive wages comparable to other child care centers. Seedlings to Sunflowers is committed to paying higher wages to all staff after 6 months, 1 year and beyond as funding increases. Additionally staff will be paid during center closings, offered a fair time off package, wellness reimbursement plan and eventually health care benefits.