Drake Inglesi Milardo Inc

Drake Inglesi Milardo  is one of New England's premiere business consulting firms. Our primary services include:

*Organizational Development

*Professional Assessments

*Career Transition Solutions for corporations and individuals

*Executive Search

*Leadership Training and Development

*Career Counseling

Drake Inglesi Milardo Inc 477 Congress St. Floor 5-Portland, ME 04101
Full time
"Our role is to manage transitions: the redirecting of careers and the reshaping of organizations." Drake Inglesi Milardo Inc is in the "people business" and the following statement sums it up: " If you haven't fully converted to robots and still have people working for you, then you have 'people issues.' We can help!" As a principal consultant you will be involved in all aspects of the firm's primary services, but also have the opportunity to engage in those services that are your "core competencies and passion." If you have a background in Human Resources, Psychology, Organizational Development, Executive Search, Business Development and have an entrepreneurial mindset, please contact me directly to schedule a phone or face to face meeting.  As we know, Maine is a "small town" and our conversation and your interest in our firm will be 100% confidential! Recognized as one of New England's premiere business consulting firms for over 30 years we have consulted to virtually every industry sector, both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Our Core Services: *Organizational Development*Executive/Leadership Development*Assessment Driven Solutions*Executive Search*Career Transition (private and corporate)*360 Leadership Assessment*Career Counseling/Coaching*Human Resources Consulting* This is an opportunity for an experienced professional as well as someone who can benefit from learning and being mentored on the core services. And, the right candidate for our firm is independent minded but collaborative, a "risk taker," has a strong work ethic and highly developed people skills!  Thank you, Ray Inglesi M.A. President