CellBlock FCS, LLC

  • Standish, ME, USA

We are seeking an Industrial Production Stitcher to join our growing Production team at CellBlock FCS, LLC. This is a full-time position with a 4/10 hour-day work week. The Industrial Production Stitcher will be responsible for the sewing of medium to large-sized mixed textile bags, quilted blankets, and other textile products in a timely and quality-oriented manner. Cutting of fabrics in addition to sewing will also be required. Fabrics include a variety of industrial felts, plain-weave woven fabrics, and laminated/coated fabrics. Successful candidates will be consistent in their abilities to produce top-quality work and will be highly productive during workdays. We are seeking team members with positive, team-oriented attitudes and those who exemplify knowledge/skill in the use of industrial sewing machines and other heavy-duty machines.