Bangor Counseling Center

Centered around you. Helping individuals and families experience healing and personal growth.

Bangor Counseling Center is a non-profit Mental Health Agency established in the year 2000 and provides Therapy/Counseling. Bangor Counseling Center Professionals promote the healthy growth and development of children, adults and families through a comprehensive, integrated system of holistic care that is client centered, strength-based, trauma-informed and recovery oriented. Bangor Counseling Center is committed to providing appropriate services to individuals and families who are experiencing difficulties because of behavioral, psychological, educational, or cognitive challenges, as well as those with co-occurring conditions and those who have experienced trauma, in a welcoming, nurturing, compassionate and therapeutic environment.Bangor Counseling Center assures that confidentiality is strictly adhered to and complies with Client Rights Regulations and all governing Federal and State laws/statutes concerning the confidentiality of all clients.Bangor Counseling Center's Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals promote treatment that recognizes and builds on the strengths of the individual and/or family, and they utilize therapeutic constructs that foster healing, personal growth and development that contribute to an enhanced and improved lifestyle.