Pine Tree Solar

Passing out pine tree seedlings ready to plant to our customers and community is a staple in our company as it represents our state tree, green living, and being environmentally friendly. 

Planting trees benefit the environment greatly providing clean air, increasing wild life habitat, and improving soil and water conservation. As a solar company that represents being environmentally friendly through making renewable energy more attainable— the gesture of passing out pine tree seedlings are a great representation of that. Passing out pine tree seedlings encourages others to plant new life and to recognize the benefits trees have to our environment. 

Our team at Pine Tree Solar is serious about making the switch to solar energy for everyone- Pine Tree Solar is dedicated to being focused on going green and saving green. We love educating, informing, and demonstrating how to plant new life such as our state tree. 

We at Pine Tree Solar strive for a positive change on a global scale- Going Green While Saving Green!