Canacre is a consulting company specializing in services that support the successful development of large-scale infrastructure projects across Canada and the United States. Canacre has cultivated a team of professionals with unmatched expertise in land acquisition and negotiation, stakeholder engagement, right-of-way services, project management, GIS and geomatics, permitting and regulatory approvals, database management, and software development. Over the last decade our team has amassed impressive accomplishments that have supported multiple successful projects in the pipeline, renewable energy, distributed energy, transmission, telecommunications, transportation, and public works sectors.

Canacre aims to function as a project partner with our clients, and we feel strongly that our partners’ successes are our successes. From Canacre’s inception in 2010, our team has focused on identifying areas of expertise in several infrastructure development industries that are under-serviced or are in need of improved efficiency and accuracy. Our team has developed processes and innovations that address these deficiencies and has created an integrated and agile framework of service teams to assist our clients in realizing their development goals.

Canacre’s successful project delivery relies on a thorough understanding of the project, nearby communities, surrounding environments, and applicable regulatory and permitting requirements. Addressing the unique challenges that a project presents is a key factor in successfully fulfilling a project’s mandate. Canacre’s unique service offerings are designed to understand and strategically meet these challenges. Canacre has earned an excellent reputation for our ability to manage large and complex projects, which we attribute to the significant experience of our technical teams.