Waterville Audiology

Waterville Audiology is a family owned private practice located in Waterville, Maine. Dr Becca Rancourt and Jennifer Rancourt are co-owners and purchased the practice in 2019. Due to growth and increased demand we are seeking to hire an Audiologist that enjoys testing, educating and treating adults with hearing loss. We accept all major insurances which allows many Mainers to get the treatment that they could not obtain prior to the Maine insurance law. We have a new location where we renovated a prior residence that was built in the 1950’s by the owner who was a mason. You can admire his masonry work inside and outside of the building with brick and stone. Our patients comment how welcoming not only we are but also what the building offers as well. We are fortunate to have ample space for two testing booths and two provider offices that allows for the state of the art equipment and supplies to perform hearing tests, ear cleanings and treatment of hearing loss with hearing devices. 
If you are a licensed Audiologist and enjoy a professional, upbeat, fun at work type of atmosphere, please contact us at 207-872-0320. Or you can email Jennifer at jennifer@watervilleaudiology.com