AngleZ BHS

Providing central Maine with premier behavioral health services, substance use disorders and individualized attention since 2013. 

We recognize the importance of being able to continue to engage in these needed services during the time as well as stay safe. ABHS has fully vaccinated work force providing services both in the homes as well as in the office setting. ABHS continues to have the ability to conduct service provision through telehealth mechanisms so that whatever your needs are we can still provide you the Mental Health and Substance Use Services you or your family/friends may need. 

AnlgeZ Behavioral Health provides quality mental health services and co-occurring services to children's, adults and families with special needs or behavioral, physiological or intellectual impairments. AngleZ provides in-home support services, outpatient services and community-based service in serval counties throughout Maine. Our caring staff aims to help our patients feel secure in their community.