Prentiss & Carlisle

Prentiss & Carlisle provides ongoing management services on approximately 1.5 million acres of timberland located in Maine, Vermont, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin and Quebec. Nearly every acre under management is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council through either our clients or through P&C itself, which holds FSC certificates for both Forest Management and Chain-of-Custody.

P&C provides turnkey land management from long-range forest planning through on-ground forestry, marketing of forest products, harvesting, transportation, road construction and maintenance, stump-to-mill accounting and reporting, client cash management, administration of third-party relationships, public advocacy/representation and strategic asset planning. P&C also provides specialized consulting services in related areas of expertise: - Timber inventory design, execution and analysis - Growth & yield modeling and timber harvest scheduling - GIS mapping and data management services - Timberland valuations and appraisals - Acquisition and disposition due diligence - Market studies - Timber supply modeling