• Hometown Health Center
  • Newport, ME, USA
  • 02/04/2021
Full time Health Care

Job Description

  1. LCSW



    1. Screens admissions for high risk patients who need social service intervention.
    2. Assesses patients and families’ abilities and/or needs they may interfere with rehabilitation and medical progress.
    3. Assists patients and families to fully utilize community resources.
    4. Documents social work intervention in medical records within timely manner.
    5. Coordinates discharge planning and facilities discharge planning rounds.
    6. Oversees advanced directives procedures.
    7. Counsels patient/family to achieve optimal level of psychosocial functioning.



    1. Performs other duties as assigned.


    1. Good organizational skills to handle multiple priorities while remaining professional and calm.
    2. Ability to work with many diverse people.
    3. Effective telephone skills.
    4. Strong level of confidentiality due to the sensitivity of materials and information handled.
    5. Must able to make suggestions on workflow or system efficiency and effectiveness.
    6. Ability to work independently and be self directed and flexible.
    7. Ability to prioritize.
    8. Ability to perform functions with minimal supervision.
    9. Ability to work at a high-volume level of accuracy.


    1. Be committed to the mission of the Hometown Health Center.
    2. Behave in a professional manner and consistently demonstrate and promote the values of respect, honesty, and dignity for the patient, families, and all members of the healthcare team.
    3. Committed to the constant pursuit of excellence and teamwork in improving the care of the patient and families of Hometown Health Center and the Patient Centered Medical Home Neighborhood.
    4. Be punctual for scheduled work and use time appropriately.
    5. Perform duties in a conscientious, cooperative manner.
    6. Perform required amount of work in a timely fashion with a minimum of errors.
    7. Be neat and maintain a professional appearance.
    8. Maintain confidentiality and protect the Practice by abiding by laws and principles related to confidentiality; keep information concerning Practice Operations, patients and employees confidential.
    9. This position requires compliance with Health Center’s compliance standards, including its Standards of Conduct, Compliance Program, and policies and procedures. Such compliance will be an element considered as part of the Clerical Data Entry Specialist’s regular performance evaluation.




    Experience and Skill Requirements: The following experience and skills are considered essential:

    • Ability to make referrals to Community Agencies (when & how).
    • Ability to provide ongoing communication with patients, families, physicians, customers.
    • Can complete chart documentation.
    • Knowledge of advance directive forms and legal lines of decision making authority.
    • Knowledge of high risk screening criteria.
    • Knowledge of Federal and State guidelines pertaining to all work areas.
    • Knowledge of medical conditions and impact on patient care needs.



    Education Requirements: The following education requirements are considered essential:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or a related field.