Town Planner - Town of Hampden, Maine

  • Town of Hampden
  • Hybrid
  • 01/25/2024
Full time Government

Job Description

Job Description



Reports to: Town Manager

Supervises: None

Position Grade: 20


The Town Planner position is responsible for the administration of a major department of the Town of Hampden. The Planning Department is responsible for planning and development services including maintaining a streamlined permitting process, development review, long-range planning, zoning, grants administration, assisting with economic development, and coordination with Town personnel and officials. The Town Planner is expected to be a resourceful problem-solver and have an entrepreneurial approach to enhancing development opportunities consistent with the Town’s policy objectives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Planning Board & Development Review

The Town Planner is responsible for staffing the Planning Board. This includes attendance at bi-monthly meetings, processing applications, and guiding the review of applications that come in front of the Board. Planning Board responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

-       Regular coordination and communication with Planning Board Chair regarding ongoing Town projects and Town updates.

-       Preparation and distribution of meeting agendas and other materials. This includes posting application and meeting materials to the Town website and preparing public notices as needed. Review development proposals for compliance with Town ordinances and regulations.

-       Convene regular meetings of development review working group comprised of Town personnel involved with the development review process (i.e., public works, public safety, code enforcement).

-       Act as liaison with Departments of Public Works, Public Safety and other staff as appropriate for peer review of applications.

-       Establish and monitor peer review escrow accounts for project review and construction oversight, including closing out accounts upon project completion.

-       Process Improvement Guarantee vehicles (bonds, letter of credit, cash, etc.) and monitor timetable when such guarantees may be reduced/returned to the developer.

-       Coordinate Town Attorney review of deeds/easements as required for development projects.

-       Prepare information and staff reports for Planning Board consideration related to agenda topics.

-       Provide information for Planning Board review and consideration from Council-directed amendments to Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance and Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

-       Prepare Planning Board Orders including Findings and Conditions for review, modification and action by the Planning Board.

-       Create and maintain a database of development projects that are in the pre-permitting, permitting, and construction stage.

-       Work with Businesses & Residents to explain and administer Town zoning/subdivision and other ordinance/regulatory requirements and procedures, and assist applicants and property owners in understanding the requirements and procedures.

-       Respond to requests for land use data, demographics, municipal information and public records.


Town Council, Committees, & Ordinance Administration

-       Attend regular and special meetings and workshops of the Town Council as needed.

-       Regular coordination and communication with Council workshop Chair and the Town Manager.

-       Preparation and distribution of meeting agendas and other materials. This includes posting meeting materials to the Town website and preparing public notices as needed

-       Prepare language for Planning Board Ordinance Committee consideration for new ordinances or changes to existing ordinances.

-       Provide information related to local/state/federal laws that affect the ability of residents or developers to build or do business in Hampden.

-       Prepare information and staff reports for Ordinance Committee consideration related to agenda topics. Facilitate ordinance amendment and adoption process through Planning Board and Town Council. Maintain accurate database of Town Ordinances.


Economic Development

The Town Planner will work closely with the Economic Development Director and Code Enforcement to serve as a liaison to the local and regional businesses community, including the Hampden Business Association or its replacement, with a focus on business attraction, retention and development. The Town strives to work with business and residents to solve problems encountered when seeking to locate or develop property in Hampden. The Town Planner maintains familiarity with the inventory of available buildings and business and residential development sites within the community.


Other Responsibilities

-       Prepare long-range planning documents as needed based on an inclusive public process. This may include a Comprehensive Plan update or other community planning efforts.

-       Serve as liaison with various local, State, and Federal agencies, coordinating projects with agencies as necessary and appropriate

-       Lead inclusive public planning processes for specific locations or districts, as assigned, to include review of zoning and other regulations and adequacy of infrastructure to support new or expanded development.

-       May be required to staff other Town Committee or Commission meetings as assigned.

-       Work with GIS contractor to oversee preparation of maps as needed to support specific planning and/or zoning initiatives.

-       Chair Stormwater Working Group comprised of Town staff. Attend meetings, or otherwise ensure Hampden representation at, Bangor Area Stormwater Group. This includes oversight of and coordination with Town stormwater consultant, participation in stormwater management training and other activities that assist the Town in meeting the terms of its MS4 Permit. Lead organization of annual Stream Clean-up in conjunction with Bangor Area Stormwater Group

-       In conjunction with the Public Works Director and the Economic Development Director, act as a Town Representative to Bangor Area Comprehensive Transit System (BACTS) meetings, including tracking Town of Hampden known and potential financial responsibility for programmed projects.

-       In coordination with the Town Manager and other personnel, participate in maintenance and update of Capital Improvement Program.

-       Prepare annual departmental budget request for submittal to Town Manager.

-       Keep Town Manager, Town Council and Planning Board apprised of grants and funding opportunities to advance Town policy objectives and pursue and administer grants as assigned.

-       Other duties as assigned by the Town Manager.


Required Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities

-       Maintain current knowledge of Land Use and Zoning Law, as well as planning methods and practices within the profession, and keep the Town Manager apprised of information that is, or may be of value or relevance to the Town of Hampden.

-       Working knowledge of computer technology as it relates to hardware, software and networking over communication methods such as Google Meet and other video conference methods.

-       Must have the ability to analyze data and statistics.

-       Must have the ability to maintain basic accounting books.

-       Strong working knowledge of Arc GIS mapping software, Microsoft office suite, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF. 

-       Strong written and oral communication skills. Including facilitation of various meetings.

-       Creative problem-solving skills to gather relevant information to solve less-well defined practical problems.



Minimum Qualifications

-       A bachelor’s degree in planning or a related field and three to five (3-5) years of experience in professional planning or a master’s degree in public policy, Planning, or a related field and two to four (2-4) years in a professional planning or related position.

-       The ability to communicate effectively (written and verbal) and work independently to perform daily functions.

-       Must possess a strong working knowledge of Arc GIS.

-       AICP Certification or desire to obtain certification.

-       Ability to attend evening meetings.